En Din, Kuala Lumpur (Petit CHP-06D)


Great solution! 
I would like to share my experience of using a water filter for drinking and cooking for 5 years. 

Poke open its cover last month and shocked to see some growth in the filter itself!!!  

All the while we have been drinking contaminated water rupa-rupanya!  

Well it was my own mistake not to change the filters according to their schedule.....but hey.....I tried but somehow when I got to know how much more I need to fork out for the filter replacement.....I just said to myself....tak apalah....lain kali boleh buat....  

Anyway....I came to conclusion that buying a water filter system is similar to acquiring a photocopier for the office....it needs excellent support service in order for it to perform as it should. 

The good thing is it's not just water filter, but also a water dispenser for hot, room and cold temperature. Some more it's having digital interface which makes it kind of cool with LED lighting.

Unlike other brands that sell almost every type of products including water filter that could be manufactured in China which they then put on their logo stickers, Coway do the R&D and manufacture themselves in Korea.

I cost me just RM110 per month and I need not worry about quality of the filtered water anymore. Coway's service team will come for service every 2 months....sedar-sedar saja diorang call to set appointment