Coway Water Filter Model P-07Q


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Coway Water Filter
Coway Model : VALUE P-07Q
RM2,500 RM2,250
(Saves 10%)
Credit cardholders pay from as low as RM 110 per month. Interest-free. Absolutely no other charges.
Or rent for only RM75 per MONTH.
1.  FREE Penghantaran Seluruh Malaysia.
2. FREE Pemasangan.
3. FREE Servis Filter setiap 2 bulan sekali.
4. FREE Penukaran Filter Setiap 6 Bulan.
5. FREE Jaminan Penuh ( Warranty 100% ).
6. FREE Pemasangan Semula 1 Tahun 1 Kali.

Value (P-07QL)

 Non-Electrical Filtration System
• Sliding Lever and Continuous Purification
• Anti-Bacterial System
• Air-tight Tank
• Elegant Design and Colour

Outright Purchase at RM2,300
Rental at only RM70/month*

Features :

Non Electrical Water Filtration System
Since it doesn’t use electric power, it is safe and no electric charge is needed.
Sliding Lever & Continuous Purification
Continuous purification is possible by simply pushing the dispenser lever and pulling down the lock up lever.
Elegant Design and Colour
Simply white colour and elegant design make the product look better.
Air-tight Tank
Separated air-tight structure perfectly prevents the secondary contamination to be caused by foreign materials such as dust, bug, and so on in the storage tank.
Advanced Anti-bacterial System
Enhanced sanitation by using the silver-added activated carbon ceramic filter will protect you away from bacteria.
Constant Water Pressure
It supports constant water pressure regardless of fluctuating water pressure to protect inside of product..
Prevention of Overflow
A safety block function using twin air bladders has been adopted to prevent overflow.
High Technology Complex Filters
Neo Sense Filter (Plus Sediment + Pre-Carbon) and Fine Post Carbon Filter (Fine Dust + Post Carbon) are built for compact design water purifier with the best filtration efficiency.


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